Body Sculpting is the art of changing a person's silhouette in those instances where diet and excercise cannot help any more. Generally speaking, Northwest Face's Doctors can assist you in instances where you are fighting genetics: diet and exercise resistant fat pockets (not for general weight loss). We provide a range of services. True Tumescent Liposuction (which is not to be confused with either traditional liposuction or with imitations) is genuine body sculpting.


True Tumescent Liposuction is genuine body sculpting. It is useful for diet and exercise restistant fat pockets. This procedure is not intended for general weight loss.

The Cook Procedure paired with True Tumescent Liposuction can achieve the greatest possible aesthetic results.

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Your safety, comfort and great results are our pride. Spend a vacation with us, and we will help you look fresher and younger...and when you return home, others will think your vacation really did do you a world of good. Not even your hairdresser will know for sure.

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