Cosmetic Fillers encompass the extensive field of "wrinkle reduction" and "wrinkle prevention."

Currently, there are a wide variety of fillers on the market, and it is not always obvious which one you should choose. There are, however some general guidelines that a qualified practitioner can use. While receiving cosmetic fillers, patients should also take the following items into account:

  • Where the filler can be used
  • How the filler feels
  • If this is a permanent or if it can be undone
  • First time patients who can be apprehensive

You may want a subtle or a dramatic enhancement: we offer a full spectrum of procedures from Fat Transfer to Collagen injections and Radiesse. These are just a few of the minimally invasive services we offer.

The services we perform are accomplished with great artistry, gentleness and precision to ensure that minimal time is needed for recovery. Even the most extensive options allow for a socially presentable appearance within days

The adjacent, lakefront 4-Star Woodmark Hotel offers world class meals, amenities, aestheticians and massage, to make your recovery enjoyable.

Your safety, comfort and great results are our pride. Spend a vacation with us, and we will help you look fresher and younger...and when you return home, others will think your vacation really did do you a world of good. Not even your hairdresser will know for sure.

Please call our office for additional information, or visit our website and click on "out of town" where you can also view our extensive collection of before and after photos and review testimonials.